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"Cultures are the arts elevated to be a set of dreams" I am a very provoked for this old saying and truthfully I dont know who said it be I ran into it and Liked it alot...I personally believe that Human is a social being Lord needs to interact with People and things Around tho,There are many cultures Being Practiced everyday with Millions Of people Maybe heard about them or not but Still that Time to explore and discover More like being in two places at once well I can If Only I am Time Traveler :D Well I am really Curious about Swedish Language Swedish People Specially Swedish Culinary Stuff I am also pertained pro of Fika One of the most Common Customs there I hope I can Learn it One day I can speak Little bit of swedish Like God Morgon Vad Heter du? I am an Egyptian Guy Enthusiastic about his Ancient Egyptian Civilization, love Also German Language and culture due to Advanced Engineering Tecnology in German as I am civil Engineer but also Egyptology that Most German Learn and that is Ancient Egyptian Civilization culture so want to discover more about people their honestly my info about German little but would love to know more...I also want to learn more of Japanese Speaking Language Partner as also my obsession about Japanese Culture Food Sushi as famous and also Tea Ceremony something really outbrand there and beautiful tradition..well still Beginner at Swedish, but if you want to learn Languages exchange cultures don't hesitate to send hi