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Je suis brésilienne, mais j'habite ici en France. Je parle un peu de français, mais je voudrais beaucoup de essayer C'est trèes important pour moi!
母国語 :  フランス語
Hi ^^ I am Ben (Benjamin) from France. I am looking for partners to help me improving my Korean and japanese and why not my English and German. I already been to South Korea as an exchange student (2012-2013) and I plan to go there again as soon as possible to live and work there :) I started to learn Korean at that time but I forgot almost everything since I came back to France. So I decided to take Korean classes again from last september. I am still a beginner. I Have also studied Japanese at universty for 2 years but I had to stop when I went to Korea. I didn't have the opportunity to study again then. I really want to learn Japanese again :) I am also looking for learning Chinese, at least the basics :)