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Hello everyone. I should say 'Namaste'(greeting in my native language Hindi) My real name is long. So I will just tell you the shortened version of it. You can call me Himi. I am from India. I am a Computer Science student. I real love to read. I have read so many novels until now. I also love to read encyclopedias and learn about different cultures and people. I am a Kpop fan. So I have immense love for Korea. And it's my wish to visit Korea when my studies will be completed. I am learning Korean, Spanish, Japanese and French. I am not taking any professional courses for it just self learning. Though the learning is going good but still it will be much better If I will get a mentor who could help me. I can teach you Hindi and English in return. Hope we will learn. I am looking forward if anyone of you could teach me any of these languages. Korean, Spanish, Japanese and French. It's okay if you don't know these languages. I will learn what you have. Gaining knowledge is good. And if anyone of you want to learn Hindi or English then you can trust on me. Thank you so much.
学習言語 :  英語
i am aman , i want to practise english
Hey Friends.. My name is Mayank.. I can help you with English/Hindi. Want to practice Portuguese and Spanish.
学習言語 :  英語
I'm engineering student from India and I'm perfect in Hindi .I'm fond of improving my english.