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母国語 :  アラビア語
学習言語 :  ドイツ語, 英語
Hello 👋 I'm Jamal , I'm 19 years old, from Morocco 🇲🇦
母国語 :  アラビア語
こんにちは、 21歳のJamalと言います。 モロッコのシディ・イフニーに住んでいます。 ドイツ語とトルコ語と英語を話せる方と言語交換をしたいです。 私はアラビア語を教えることも出来ます。
hello! My name is Lahoucine I am 17 years old. I live in sout of Morocco. In Sidi Ifni, I study in secondary school. I speak the Moroccan language and Algerian. I speak Arabic, French, English, a Little of Spanish. I love foreign languages, especially European languages. I also like to sing, swim and enjoy other hobbies. I am ready to lean anyone the languages Arabic and Amazigh languages and more informations about it. I am currently volunteering in an association which is the exchange of cultures between the different peoples of the world and Morocco and my work in this association is lean to foreigners the languages of Morocco and Amazigh languages. i am not a gold member So for those who want to communicate with me I am on line daily from my Facebook account.