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学習言語 :  英語, 韓国語
Hi, I'm a single mom and I always wanted to learn foreign languages. When I was young, all language teachers told me I was very linguistic and should get on with it. Maybe become a professional interpreter. But due to circumstances and because of the lack of usefulness on my native island itself, I didn't go through with it. Now as an adult, living abroad, I regret it. I would like to improve my English, and at this moment I just started to learn Korean and would appreciate iet if you can help me out with that. On my turn, I can help you with the Dutch language. When I moved to the Netherlands, I found out I was better at grammar than most natives, always scoring higher rates. Not because I'm that clever, but because on my native island, we were bombed daily with grammar at school. Combined with my passion for languages. Most of the time, natives are not bombed with grammar of own language. Besides helping each other with our target language, we might also turn into friends. Within a friendship we can improve our target languages even better! :-)
母国語 :  オランダ語
学習言語 :  中国語 (北京語)
你好!我的名字叫Tim (天明傅)。 我是荷兰人。我很喜欢学中文。我现在认识850个汉字。我每天都学2个小时。我很喜欢和你用中文聊天。I am not looking for help with grammar or new words (I have a teacher for that), but I need a partner to help me practice speaking and making sentences. I can help you with Dutch and English and maybe show you a bit of the Netherlands as well. We can use wechat and maybe meet in person from time to time?