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Hey there everyone! For me, learning a foreign language is like moving into another world and another planet. It makes you discover new possibilities and make new friends all over the world! I have experience teaching English online and would like to expand my network here :) See you!
学習言語 :  韓国語
I am Faith, 23 years old from Philippines. I'm currently studying 한국어. I'm Interested on Working in SK. I can speak Tagalog and English in my daily life. If you have Ig/Katalk/Line we can exchange. I love Watching to korean Shows such as dramas, movies, variety shows as well as listening to music from a Girl Group, Solo, and OST (Ballad) artists,.
Hello! My name is Jayson I want to make friends around the world and hoping I can visit one day too. I can write and speak English but I am not a native speaker. If you want you can learn our native language Tagalog, I am willing to help you. I am interested to know any culture and to learn any language as long as there are people who are kind to share their knowledge to teach me. I want to travel someday and meet friends in the country. I like to watch basketball, movies, I also play my guitar in my free time. I like to learn and I am interested in technologies and computers. I like cats and some animals and I am always available to talk online. I am working as a full time computer programmer in a company and simple person, loving, thoughtful and open minded. Thank you for reading. God bless you!