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学習言語 :  ロシア語
こんにちは、 28歳のIonutと言います。 ルーマニアのシビウに住んでいます。 ロシア語を話せる方と言語交換をしたいです。 私はルーマニア語を教えることも出来ます。
学習言語 :  ドイツ語
Hello! I'll make this short: I'm a talkative guy, I like to laugh and make other people laugh too, I also like to travel, though I don't get so much the chance nowadays, and learn new stuff everyday. I teach English to highschoolers, so if you're also good at it, we can learn each other's language faster. My interests are: - movies/TV series - music (I listen to all kinds of music, sometimes in languages I don't understand such as Russian, that's how I discovered the band Leningrad and some cool songs) - reading (mostly American and Russian literature, but also French and some German and British too) - history - arts and artists But, generally, I can discuss about virtually anything.
学習言語 :  英語
Hello,I'm Marius,I'm here to improve my English language and why not make friends!My native language is Romanian language and English will be my future language,I hope,I'm sure! My hobbies are books reading,music,tennis,trips..