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母国語 :  英語, イボ語
Hello!!! My name is Treasure, and I am a college student studying Pre-Med. I speak two languages, and I'm looking to learn more. For now, I'll be focusing on the ones I listed. I'd love to also help you with your English, or Igbo. I love reading books, cooking, watching movies, shows & sports, and sometimes, just doing nothing. I also love exploring different cultures in any way, most especially through food! I'm seeking a committed language exchange partner to practice conversation and share resources for mutual improvement. Open to in-person meetups or online exchanges via video calls or messaging platforms.
学習言語 :  日本語, 韓国語
Hello, my name is George. My hobbies are video games and anime. I'm also teaching myself how to play the piano right now. I want to travel to different places in the future and I wish to speak their language. I'm interested in learning Japanese and Korean. In exchange, I can teach you English or Chinese-Mandarin.