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母国語 :  英語, スペイン語, ポルトガル語
学習言語 :  ドイツ語, 朝鮮語
I am from Brazil and I am living in the USA. I have passion for languages. I would love to exchange Portuguese, Spanish or Portuguese for Korean and German.
母国語 :  英語, スペイン語, イタリア語
学習言語 :  フランス語
I am a native Italian speaker living in Texas! If you are interested to improve your Italian language skills, I'll be happy to help you. Sara' un vero piacere poterti aiutare a migliorare il tuo italiano. We could practice languages and be friends, I always wanted to know more stories about different cultures. Please don't hesitate to send me a message. Mi farebbe piacere incontrare persone "amichevoli" e "serie" con le quali conversare una volta alla settimana in un giorno prestabilito.