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母国語 :  ドイツ語
学習言語 :  日本語
Hello. I'm from Germany and love languages in general. I started learning Japanese and I'm more productive when having a teacher/learning buddy or have situations to use the language for. So, I'm searching for a native Japanese to exchange native languages. I'm a curious person and love to talk profoundly. (not a small talk person, I'm bad at it) I like philosophy, languages and culture. Also, if you write just a "HI!" I don't know what to answer (so don't expect an answer). And DON'T ask for languages that are NOT for trade... 読んでいただきありがとうございます 。
母国語 :  中国語 (その他)
学習言語 :  英語, ドイツ語
Hello, my name is Zhang Yuhang, and my English name is Field. I am from China, I can speak Chinese and not so fluent English and a little German. I am currently studying in Germany and want to practice English and German, come and chat with me!
I'm a language teacher working independently. I teach mainly English, but also French. My goal is to learn Italian.