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母国語 :  朝鮮語
学習言語 :  英語, 日本語, 中国語 (北京語), フランス語
Hi there! I'm Korean guy who is living and working in Japan now. I like to learn foreign cultures and want to make friends who want to exchange languages. I can give you help in Korean as a native speaker. I want to improve my English and, study again another languages like French, Chinese which I took some classes in the university and almost forgot. I also use Japanese in workplace, but currently due to the pandemic, I have few chances to speak it, so I also want to use Japanese more. And if you live in Tokyo or its suburbs, we can study together regularly in case if you want to as well. Please feel free to drop me your message! Hobbies and Interests Travel, learning foreign cultures, watching movies(I like heartwarming movies), music(kpop, jpop), video game, foods(I like korean/japanese foods), coffee コロナで3月以降ずっと在宅勤務中です。韓国人ですが、現在東京で働いています。神奈川県民ですが、東京寄りの地域に住んでいます。インドア系の趣味と旅行、美味しい食べ物探し、コーヒーが好きです。韓国語勉強されてる方がいれば手助けできる部分もあると思います。どうぞ宜しくお願いします。