I want to improve my British English, but I don't really mind whether British. Just let's have a talk in English:)))
Majoring in Persian in univ now. And now I'm learning Russian, Bulgarian, Korean and a little French.
I'm native Japanese girl.Its nice to have a talk with you🙆💓

I've started to learn Korean and Chinese, so I'm looking for native speakers to teach me pronunciations. In return, I can help you with Japanese...!

And I'm really interested in linguistics. Especially phonetics and phonology.So helping you is also good study for addition,I might be able to give you any knowledge from linguistics...(I'm not sure that it works well, but I try) My hobby is everything about languages.

I'm exactly a pronunciation lover of any languages. So hope that we can talk on Skype or smth like that. Plz feel free to talk to me , regardless of your languages;)

A big love to all language lovers

سلام،اسمم آیکا است.دانشجوی دانشگاه زبان فارسی.


Get help from your friend to learn foreign languages!