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Hello everyone, my name is Francis Kevin I am 35 years old, I speak a little English, I am a public accountant. I am currently in Canada, I arrived in Toronto in 2018, I want to improve my English, it is very important for me, I will be very happy to teach you Spanish, maybe we can meet in a small cafeteria or in any park in the city, you can find my information (WA) in my profile of this site. I like to make friends, I love nature and universal history. Despite my age, I have an old soul, I like music from the 50's to the 90's and of course the classical music that can not be missed in my repertoire.

In sports of course I like soccer, basketball, baseball, volleyball and swimming.I would like to climb a mountain in Winter here in Canada,

feel free to write me, please!!!

My best wishes,Kevin


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