お名前 CC
都市 新竹
母国 TW 台湾
現在の国 TW 台湾
年齢 39
性別 女性
母国語 ZH 中国語 (北京語)
ZT 中国語 (台湾語)
学習言語 EN 英語
JA 日本語
FR フランス語



Hello! This is CC from Taiwan. I am a Chinese Mandarin/Taiwanese native speaker. I started learning English when I was in elementary school and realized how amazing a new language could really open up ones' world. I hope I am capable to help someone who is trying to learn Chinese and explore the cultural and social differences along the way together.

I‘ve been learning English for almost half of my life and studied in Australia and UK for two years. Even though I try to exposed myself to English as much as I could through listening podcasts and watching youtube videos related to the topics I am interested in, I don't have much chance to speak the language. My main goal is to be able to keep my English conversation competent.

In addition,I admire Japanese aesthetic and culture. I've learned basic phonetics and could pick up few basic phrases, but I definitely would like to be able to understand the language for traveling and shopping.

I also learned French for a year and probably to the level of getting myself a cup of chaud cafe au lait. If you are on the level of getting yourself a cup of bubble tea in Chinese, let's practice together to order something else next time!


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