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Hey everyone! I live in Moscow and work in marketing as an analyst (to be competely honest, never thought I'll be doing that, at the very least this is not something I dreamt about for sure:))

To make things easier (for those of you who doesn't want to read too much about me):
- I'd love to study Arabic and Turkish or have a language practice in Spanish/Bulgarian/French/German.
- I could offer you my help with Russian or simply a friendly partner ready to talk to you about almost anything on a handful of languages.
For those who require more:
I studied history, graduated from language and literature department. Had some short meeting with history of law and dive much deeper in history of arts/architecture. So I believe I should be able to keep the conversation and make it interesting for both of us. Regarding my language skills, I have studied Spanish, French and German and some Bulgarian (just from aural reception, so no grammar:(). Unfortunately without practice I have lost some of my skills, but with your help I should be back in play really soon.

I have a certain dream to keep studying languages, so if anyone shares that passion, I'd be glad to share it. My current priorities are Arabic and Turkish, as for Chinese that's something I was willing to study for quite some time but didn't dare, since it definitely seems to require a lot of patience and free time. I am also all up for practicing Spanish and French.


Get help from your friend to learn foreign languages!