Selam Alaikum, Merhaba, Hi, Hallo, Ni Hao, Hola, Halo, Privet!
I am Masry, a native Arabic speaker who is interested in making international friends. I do not know which language I should start with, but if I found the right person and enjoyed their company, I would learn the language they speak (I would prioritize Turkish & German), I can help you learn Arabic in return. About my hobbies, currently, I am a laptop sitter *lol* I mean that my laptop is my loyal friend and I enjoy spending most of my time on the internet. Feel free to message me.
Fields I am interested in and no problem to find a nice partner, hopefully, we succeed together (Translation, content creation, digital marketing, web services, programming, sales, freelancing, and more)


Get help from your friend to learn foreign languages!