お名前 Flóra
都市 ブダペスト
母国 HU ハンガリー
現在の国 HU ハンガリー
年齢 24
性別 女性
母国語 HU ハンガリー語
学習言語 EN 英語
KO 朝鮮語
FR フランス語



I'm Flóra from Hungary. I'm 23 years old, architect student. I would like to practice english, and make new friends. I would prefer speaking because I've practiced writing enought I think. Of course I'm happy for just chating too as long as I can use the language. :) I'm looking for someone whose english is at around the same level as mine or better.
I've learnt french for 1 year then I had no time for it but I would like to continue learning it. Also I'm interested in asian languages like chinese, japanese or korean but I haven't had the chance to study any of it yet. My hobbies.. I like drawing, painting and I just generaly like art. (oh yeah and taking out my cat for a walk :))
Let's talk and find out more about each other!


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