お名前 Kubilay
都市 イスタンブル
母国 TR トルコ
現在の国 TR トルコ
年齢 24
性別 男性
母国語 TR トルコ語
学習言語 EN 英語
FR フランス語
IT イタリア語
RU ロシア語
DE ドイツ語



My name is Kubilay. I am 23 years old, and a student at university. I am here to improve my language skills, and to make friends around the world. Well, a little about me : I am from Turkey. I study mechatronics engineering, I am an introvert. I like listening to music(all kinds but preferably classical and instrumental music, in particular in windy nights), watching horror movies, swimming, go camping, diving, and watch the stars at night. I am really into astronomy, and mysteries in the universe. I also like to learn languages. I am trying to learn all langauges that are written in my bio. I believe that learning languages is the basic key of understanding the cultures.


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