お名前 Sina
都市 メルボルン
母国 AU オーストラリア
現在の国 AU オーストラリア
年齢 31
性別 男性
母国語 EN 英語
FA ペルシア語
学習言語 DE ドイツ語
ES スペイン語



My name is Sina.
I work in the Australian Government.
I speak English, Farsi, and Spanish fluently.
I am not well-verse in German yet, but I wanna make it better.

I am looking for a pen-pal around the world to write to each other, communicate, and practice our targeted languages.
What I like the most about learning a new language the fact that we find out many misunderstandings which might be interesting in the other culture. We also find things that never existed in our own mother tongue. For example the word "Carpool" does not exist in my mother-tongue.

I enjoy learning more languages


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