お名前 Jonathan
都市 シアトル
母国 HK 香港
現在の国 US アメリカ
年齢 35
性別 男性
母国語 EN 英語
ZC 中国語 (広東語)
学習言語 KO 韓国語



As your English language partner, I offer:
- An American accent with a background in choir/operas at the University of Washington, equipping me with vocal techniques to aid English enunciation.
- Proficiency in American English grammar, validated by an 87% score on the GMAT.
- Interest in Korean dramas!
- a supportive approach to accents.

Excited to join your English learning journey!

제 이름은 정성호(鄭惺浩)입니다. 저는 한국어를 완전 초보입니다.

Brief intro:
Canada: 5 years
Hong Kong: 11 years
Switzerland: 1 year
US: >18 years
Occupation: software engineer, ex-medical device engineer
Education: PhD in Bioengineering, University of Washington; Master of Computer Info Tech, University of Pennsylvania
Hobbies: learning languages such as Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, career coaching with language exchange partners
Fluent languages: English and Cantonese
Marital status: married


お名前 Jonathan
都市 シアトル
現在の国 US アメリカ
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