お名前 Walt
都市 ミネアポリス
母国 US アメリカ
現在の国 US アメリカ
性別 男性
母国語 EN 英語
学習言語 JA 日本語
UK ウクライナ語
PL ポーランド語



Hi, my name is Walt and I live in the suburbs of Minneapolis, USA.
初めまして。アメリカのミネアポリス 郊外に住んでいるウォルトと申します。よろしくお願 いいたします。

I used to be an English teacher so I can explain some English grammar by comparing it to Japanese one.

I have a variety of interests which include arts, politics, history, travel, geography, singing karaoke and the list goes on and on. I like jogging, swimming and going to gym. I enjoy the company of easy-going and fun people and can share a conversation about practically any topic. I hope we'll also become good friends!

At this time I am only interested in getting in touch with Japanese native speakers, and I'm seeking a video chat exchange and exchange in person (in the Minneapolis area and also as far away as Chicago or Des Moines areas).

I just came back from Japan where I spent 4 weeks to practice my Japanese but, even though I now feel like I significantly improved my Japanese language skills, both spoken and written, I'd still be very happy to find a partner who is as passionate about learning English as I am about learning Japanese!



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