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母国語 :  英語, タミル語
学習言語 :  ノルウェー語, シンハラ語
Hi, my name is Simashton. I am here to find new friends around the world. I can speak English and Tamil. I am interested in learning Sinhalese and few other languages. Get in touch with me to get to know me and learn languages together :)
母国語 :  英語, スペイン語
学習言語 :  ポルトガル語, 英語, ドイツ語
Hi, I live in Dominican Republic. I'm a teacher of Technology Education. I like to meet new people and learn about different cultures. I am German beginner (A1) and I can speak fluent English, but I am trying to learn more and understand all the possible accents. I am speedcuber, and I like watch Anime, Series & Movies. Go to cinema and go out to drink and eat! I hope to hear from you soon. =)
母国語 :  英語, ペルシア語
学習言語 :  英語
Hi everyone I am studying English and preparing for the IELTS test I am happy if anyone is interested in practicing with me and sending me a message
母国語 :  英語
学習言語 :  日本語
こんにちは、 24歳のKayと言います。 アメリカ合衆国に住んでいます。 日本語を話せる方と言語交換をしたいです。 私は英語を教えることも出来ます。
母国語 :  英語, フランス語, その他
学習言語 :  ドイツ語, スペイン語, フランス語, 英語
Hello, My name is ilyass. I'm 22 years old and I live in Agadir, in Morocco. I am looking for a language exchange partner to study German, Spanish, French and English. I'd be happy to help you to learn English, French and Other in exchange.
母国語 :  英語, ヒンディー語, ウルドゥー語
学習言語 :  イタリア語
Hi... i am Mudassir. I am a Master’s degree Engineering student ... i am friendly and funny... i would like to learn italian from anyone of you if you have time for me 😊... as u will gonna have a great friend and a nice experience when u come to know me as well as i can cook some tasty dishes of chicken as well 😋... i would look forward to hear from you guys. Thanks in advance 😊
母国語 :  ドイツ語, 英語
学習言語 :  英語
What I've realized years ago when I started to refresh my rusty English, nothing is better than talking with a native speaker ... I'd like to speak and practice on Skype 💬 because it's easy to use and quite popular for language exchange. And of course I’m glad to help you with German as well ... Let's share some cultural and language differences 😉
母国語 :  アラビア語, 英語, フランス語
学習言語 :  ドイツ語, トルコ語, インドネシア語, マレー語
Hello every body, I'm Asmaa Egyptian girl. I like to learn new languages special Asian languages to visit these countries one day. I like sport and I guess that I'm very open mind person . I can speak french, I've already lived in France for a year. I can speak English well.
母国語 :  英語, 中国語 (北京語)
学習言語 :  日本語
Hi my name is Aaron. I like watching anime and playing games. I also love music. My favourite genres are J-pop, K-pop, Chinese songs and American songs. I am fluent in both English and Chinese. I would like to further improve my japansese. I live in Singapore. Do feel free to contact me and we can help each other improve !!!
母国語 :  英語
学習言語 :  ヘブライ語
Hi, I'm from the US and I'm looking for a native speaker to practice Hebrew with. I already speak Hebrew pretty fluently, but I definitely still have room for improvement, and I don't get much chance to speak it here where I live. If you're a native Hebrew speaker and willing to practice with me, I'd be happy to help you with English in exchange!