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母国語 :  英語
学習言語 :  オランダ語
Hi! My name is Lucy and I'm looking for somebody to speak with to help improve my Dutch speaking skills, since I'm now living in the Netherlands. I'm a native English speaker from the UK and so am happy to help you learn / practice English in exchange :)
母国語 :  英語
学習言語 :  ドイツ語, 朝鮮語, 日本語
こんにちは、 26歳のEmilyと言います。 イギリスに住んでいます。 ドイツ語と朝鮮語と日本語を話せる方と言語交換をしたいです。 私は英語を教えることも出来ます。
母国語 :  英語
学習言語 :  イタリア語, トルコ語, アラビア語
السلام عليكم I love language and culture though my language learning is pathetic. Looking to chat with any speakers/learners of the languages I'm learning on TELEGRAM.
母国語 :  英語
学習言語 :  スウェーデン語
Happy to help teach some people around here english
母国語 :  ドイツ語, 英語, ポルトガル語
学習言語 :  スペイン語
hello I'm Hanna and I'm here to make new friends around the world. I'm very interested in learning new languages, and about different cultures.
母国語 :  英語, ペルシア語
学習言語 :  英語
Hi everyone I am studying English and preparing for the IELTS test I am happy if anyone is interested in practicing with me and sending me a message
母国語 :  英語
学習言語 :  日本語, 朝鮮語
I like anime and kpop. I want to study Korean and Japanese. Let's be friend!
母国語 :  英語, 中国語 (広東語), 中国語 (北京語)
学習言語 :  日本語
Hello! My name is Annie. I really want to learn Japanese because I’m interested in Japanese culture. However, I don’t have the motivation to keep learning, so I want to make friends and interact with each other to improve our languages. I like to watch animation, J-drama, J-movies, read manga, and listen to J-music. I wish one day I can travel to Japanese without having language barrier. Thank you for reading my profile! ( ⸝⸝˃ ᵕ ˂⸝⸝ )♡ 你好!我很想學會日文,因為我喜歡日本文化。但是一個人學沒有動力,所以希望能透過交朋友互相學習對方的語言。我喜歡看動畫、日劇、電影、漫畫、和聽日語歌。希望有一天我能夠沒有任何語言障礙地去到日本旅遊。謝謝你讀完我的簡介!(๑•̀⌄ー́๑)b
母国語 :  アラビア語, 英語
学習言語 :  日本語, 朝鮮語, ロシア語, ドイツ語, スペイン語
Hi everyone , My name is Ahmed I am an Egyptian Civil Engineer who currently live and work in Saudi Arabia...My native language is Arabic and i am a fluent English speaker too :)...I am interested in German,Japanese,Korean,Spanish and Russian languages and cultures too...I have been to South Korea before but didn't get the chance to visit neither Germany nor Japan,Spain & Russia ... I hope that i can visit them along with too many other countries and having many friends all over the globe :) .... I like travelling,sports,( watching movies,series and anime...),reading books and coffee :) ...I will be happy exchanging languages with anyone sharing the same passion towards languages and cultures , so don't hesitate contacting me anytime... Thanks :)
母国語 :  英語
学習言語 :  朝鮮語
안녕하세요. 나는 호주 사람이에요. 지금 한국어를 공부하고 있어요. 한국어를 더 유창하고 싶어요. 작년에 3 개월 부산에서 있었어요. I am happy to help teach English and practice Korean.