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母国語 :  英語
学習言語 :  日本語, 中国語 (北京語), 朝鮮語
[Please Read Description!] Hi~ I'm Brylee, a 17-year-old student from Australia! I really want to learn Korean, Japanese and Chinese, and also make some new friends too. I've learned Korean for more than 7 years mostly by myself, but there's still no improvement (I mainly know the Hangul alphabet, greetings, numbers, and a couple of other things). I learned Japanese from a friend, and I did Japanese classes last year in 2019, and I learned my Chinese (on and off) for 3 years, which really needs some improvement. I also can speak very little German, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Spanish, and Bahasa Indonesian, but I'm not studying those languages now. I love to listen to music, hang out with friends, and mainly just meeting new lovely people. We can also casually talk too, as I'm a very talkative person, and I love to make new friends! Feel free to contact me here, or ask me for any social media as well. I'm not very good at teaching English, but I can try my best! DISCLAIMERS: 1) Haha yes, Brylee is my real first name~ If you prefer to just call me Bry, then that's ok. 2) Please don't just say "Hi", describe yourself when you meet me. 3) If I cannot see what you look like in your profile picture, I most likely won't add you (depending on your description). 4) Please also remember that I'm only a student, not a qualified teacher. Thank you! ありがとうございます! 감사합니다! 谢谢你! :)
母国語 :  英語, ハンガリー語
学習言語 :  フランス語, 日本語
こんにちは、 Juditと言います。 ハンガリーに住んでいます。 フランス語と日本語を話せる方と言語交換をしたいです。 私は英語とハンガリー語を教えることも出来ます。
母国語 :  英語
学習言語 :  日本語
こんにちは、 24歳のKayと言います。 アメリカ合衆国に住んでいます。 日本語を話せる方と言語交換をしたいです。 私は英語を教えることも出来ます。
母国語 :  英語, スペイン語
学習言語 :  朝鮮語
hello~ I'm Agus, I'm 22, and I wanna learn korean. If you're a native or fluent speaker please feel free to message me or text me on kakao. I can help you with spanish and/or english. I know how to read hangul but my vocabulary is pretty basic. I'm only interested in korean, not other languages. 안녕하세요 저는 아구스입니다. 저는 스페인어와 영어를 구사한다.
母国語 :  英語, ポーランド語
学習言語 :  日本語, 英語, イタリア語
Hello, my name is Olga and I'm from Poland. I've been learning English for quite a few years but I know that there's always a room for improvement. I started learning Japanese recently. I would appreciate your help. In exchange, I can help you learn Polish (or English if you're a beginner). I'm keen on Japanese culture, foreign languages, books, writing and drawing. I love 80s music. I'd like to take up Spanish and Korean in the future. [Edit: I'm sorry but I'm so busy I may not find time to study together now!]
母国語 :  英語
学習言語 :  ハンガリー語
Hi I'm Erik. I am an Entrepreneur. I speak English and some basic Canadian French. I like hunting, fishing, exploring the wilderness, cooking and video games. My favourite game is Dungeons & Dragons Online! I am engaged to a wonderful woman and co-adventurer in this life. My mothers maiden name is Fazekas and I am of Hungarian descent but do not speak it. I want to before my nagyapa passes away because I think it would give him some joy in his life. I want to exchange English for Hungarian.
母国語 :  アラビア語, 英語
学習言語 :  朝鮮語, 中国語 (北京語)
Hi, I'm from Morocco, 23 years old , I studies English at university, I like to learn about different cultures, especially the Korean culture, meet foreign people, and improve my language skills ^^ and I will help you to learn Arabic language so welcome!
母国語 :  英語
学習言語 :  日本語
Hello! My name is Sasha and I am a student in America, planning to study abroad in Japan next year. I would love to meet you and practice Japanese conversations while helping you practice English! I love meeting new people so please don’t hesitate to reach out :)
母国語 :  英語, ヒンディー語, パンジャーブ語
学習言語 :  スペイン語, ラテン語, ポルトガル語, 日本語, 朝鮮語
Hi, Everyone! I'm SK.I like exploring new languages, different culture and especially the food(food enthusiast).I’m looking for friends with whom I can discuss about their culture and can help each other with the language struggle.
母国語 :  英語, ポルトガル語
学習言語 :  中国語 (北京語), 日本語
Feel free to talk with me about anything you want. I can help you with Portuguese and English languague... Nice to meet you! I like to watch movies, to study philosophy, to talk about life and existential issues... I have admirantion for oriental culture especially for samurai culture, ( honor, respect, loyalty ) Epic phrases: The heart is the strongest muscle -Braum What do you fight for? To protect home and family? To preserve balance and bring harmony? For my kind, the true question is what do you fight for. -Panda Warrior ( WOW Mysts of Pandaria ) I, the one who awakens, am the Red Dragon Emperor who threw away the principle of domination; With dreams and infinite hopes, I will make the king's way; I will become the Red Dragon King; And I will promise you, a bright future, in deep crimson! -Hyodo Issei ( DXD HERO ) I am the one who occupies the top of all clans -Escanor, o pecado do Orgulho Anyone can be a hero, even a man who puts a coat on a boy's shoulders, so that he knows that the world is not over yet. -Batman A strong mind created to exclude any retreat options is what throws me forward! -Sairaorg Whoever raises this hammer, if he is worthy, will then possess the power of Thor-Odinsan (Thor) Ohana means family; family means never to leave again! -Stitch Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift, that's why it is called present! -Oogway (Kung Fu Panda) We are what we believe we are-Oogway (Kung Fu Panda) But it's not about hitting hard, it's about how much you can catch and move on, how much you can catch and keep trying! That's how you win. -Rocky I can't win, not alone -King of Azeroth (WOW) From the Light comes Darkness, and from Darkness... Light! -Hadgar(WOW) It’s loneliness, it makes us weak, it leaves us vulnerable -Medivh (WOW) Sometimes life is like this dark tunnel, you don't always see the light at the end of the tunnel, but if you keep going, you will come to a better place -Iroh (Avatar) Wisdom is a circle Dr. Tesla, what we receive, we must return. We will be back! -Vert Wheeler (Hot Wheels Acelleracers)