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It’s always nice to meet new cool people and share different cultures, experiences, languages etc. I’d like to make friends and learn something on the way. Let's grab some beers, watch music videos together and stay up all night.
Hi! My name is Julia, I am from Russian but I have lived in Finland 10 year. I`m married and I have two children. My husband is finish man. I need English in my work and that's is why I study English. I want find new friend, with whom I can speak and study English every day. My hobbies is drawing, singing and fishing.
学習言語 :  日本語
Oh, hi there! I'm from Finland. And I'm looking forward to someone who's native language is japanese. And also looking forward to friends, around 19-30-years-old. I don't need a teacher, so I prefer to be friends with you. 皆さん、はじめまし て!私はイーダです。よろしく お願いします。でも、私は少し 日本語が話せます、ごめんね~
Hey, Joined to hear to learn Mongolian. I am beginner. I know some Russian too, so I can read the alphapet a bit. Happy to help with Finnish, and English too, Kazak is one of My interests too.
Hey all! I'm a language enthusiast from Finland and I'm looking to exchanging culture and languages as my world definitely is bigger than only my home country! I will live in Germany until July and would love to learn more of the language. Also, I'm interested in modern Hebrew and determined to learn it. I would like to meet others learning Hebrew as well as native speakers. Modern Hebrew only! I'm not religious but I don't mind if u are. 💗 🚫 No creeps.
こんいちは! はじめまして、アンナです。よろしくお願いいたします! ちょっと日本語を話せますが、もっと練習する必要があります。いろいろ事を話しましょう! Hello! I am an enthusiastic language hobbyist in need of help with my Japanese discussion skills. In exchange, I am happy to help with your Finnish or basic English if needed. Outside language learning, I am interested in computers, tech and also nature and hiking. привет! Я Анна и мне нравится языки. Я ещё не очень хорошо по русски. Мне также нравится музика, техника и природа.
学習言語 :  英語, ロシア語
Hei, olen Suomalainen mies ja kiinnostunut Venäjän kielestä ja kulttuurista, erityisesti etelä Uralista.
こんにちは、 Toniと言います。 フィンランドに住んでいます。 ロシア語とスウェーデン語と英語を話せる方と言語交換をしたいです。 私はフィンランド語を教えることも出来ます。
学習言語 :  中国語 (北京語)
Hi, Willing to learn some spoken chinese and words. just relaxed conversations etc. I would love to know more about your cultural preferences and your habits. I speak english and finnish and happy to help you.
Hi! My name is Eva Julia. I want to speak Spain fluently. If you need Finnish, Russian or Ukrainian. I can help you if you have questions. Mucho gracias. I can to speak with you in evening. Welcome! Привет, у меня три имени, два я уже написала, но третье мое имя Гюзель. Я татарка, и хочу вспомнить свой родной язык, на котором говорила в детстве. Если вы говорите на мишарском диалекте татарского языка, можно с Вами общаться. Спасибо.