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学習言語 :  英語
Hello, I am looking for a language exchange partner to practice my English skills. I'd be happy to help you to learn Portuguese or Spanish in exchange.
学習言語 :  スウェーデン語
Olá ! Meu nome é Deise,sou casada, tenho um filho, atualmente trabalho no comércio. Gosto muito de aprender outros idiomas , se alguém quiser trocar experiências comigo, gostaria de aprender Sueco . Quem quiser aprender Português do Brasil, posso dar uma ajuda. Abraços.
Advanced English and Spanish. Beginning to study Russian. Nothing so specific, i just like to talk to nice or interesting people.
学習言語 :  英語, フランス語
Hello, my name is Emanuely and I'm 18. I'm looking for a native speaker to practice my English skills and French (I'm beginner) at the moment. If you are not a native speaker, don't be worried, you're welcome! I can help you with Portuguese. My hobbies are listening music, drawing, playing chess, reading and know about other cultures too. PS: I prefer to talk with people that have age nearly as mine (18-24 years). If you aren't in this classification, don't text me.
学習言語 :  中国語 (北京語)
嗨,我是 Andreia,我正在寻找以中文为母语的人。你可以和我一起练习中文,作为回报,我和你一起练习葡萄牙语!给我发消息,让我们开始交谈和互动,以提高我们的目标。Hi, I'm Andreia, I'm looking for native Chinese (Mandarin) speakers. You can practice Chinese with me and in return I practice Portuguese with you! Send me a message and let's start talking and interacting in order to improve our goals. Olá, sou Andreia, eu procuro falantes nativos em Chinês (mandarim). Você pode praticar chinês comigo e em contra partida eu pratico Português com você! Envie-me uma mensagem e bora começar a falar e interagir de maneira a melhorar nossos objectivos.
学習言語 :  スペイン語
Olá, me chamo Lucca tenho 18 anos e muito interesse em aprender o Espanhol, porém bem iniciante. Gosto de conhecer novas culturas, costumes, lugares e falar sobre qualquer assunto.
学習言語 :  英語
Hello Mate!! I used to live in Sydney Australia. But I came back to Brazil. I would like to improve my English. If you like to talk about any subect just let me Know. Cheers mate!!
学習言語 :  韓国語
Hello!! My name is Joana and I’m Portuguese! I’ve been living in London for almost 10 years, and I’ll dare to say that my English is pretty good considering how long I’ve been here for. My native language is Portuguese but I can also understand Spanish and a little bit of Italian and French. I’m a stylist, and I work with lots of people from different countries. I would love to learn some Korean ( going there in November) and I guess it wouldn’t hurt to know a little bit. I’m also excited to help someone that would like to learn English.
学習言語 :  フランス語, 英語
I am Diniz, a husband who loves speding time with his wife, a father who always plays with his children and a businessman who loves learning new languages