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Hi! My name is Mony (complete name Monica :D) and I live in Italy. I'm studying Marketing and International relations at the university right now. I love singing,dancing and acting *.* I could spend all days doing that ahah but I don't have much time :D. My dream is too become a singer :D. I play the piano and the Ukulele (currently learning guitar XD).
I like sports and I've practiced Shaolin Kung fu for 9 years(I reached the black belt but now I don't even have time for that :()
I'm really a dreamer and i don't care how many chances there are I always think it's possible and I put all of myself into whatever i'm doing. This way life's so much fun :D.
I like travelling, meeting people and discover different cultures. It's really beautiful creating connections all over the world :D. I've been to America,England,France,Morocco, Korea and Japan :D!
I'd like to improve my english and learn Korean :D.
Since I'd like to go and study in korea for one or more years, I need help with learning Korean :D (i've been studying it on my own but It's pretty difficult ahah but I love it).


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