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Hi there, I love languages, I am an avid learner and more for fun than other thing.. you know in COVID19 we have more time to spend. Anyway, I love to travel but my way to travel is knowing people from other countries and learning languages at same time. Well, if you have to kill boring ... hey we can chat!
学習言語 :  英語, フランス語
Hello! I hope to make some friends here. Looking to improve my english.
学習言語 :  英語
Ciao, Mi chiamo Fernando e vivo a Timbó, in Brasile. Sto cercando un partner di scambio linguistico per studiare l'italiano. Sarò felice di aiutarti a imparare il portoghese in cambio.
My name is Chabane. I am from Mozambique and I am here to practice languages. My hobbies are learning new languages and also reading.
Hello everyone, i'm Francisco from São Paulo, and i have a lot of interests, like sports, learn new things, new cultures, movies, music, and a lot more!! I'm very open minded and easy going, and i love a good conversation and make new friends. I can speak in english and spanish, now i'm looking for learning french and mandarim, so i would like to have a friend to have conversations in both languages, even though i still a begginer, i'll try my best! And if you want to learn portuguese, or looking for practicing your english and/or spanish, i will be happy to help you! If you are a woman, don't worry, i will not try to flirt you, or send anything disrespectful.
学習言語 :  英語
"My name is Glenda, I was born in Venezuela, and I speak perfect Spanish. Currently, I am in Madrid, Spain. I am studying English, and that's why I am very interested in practicing this language with a partner. In exchange, I could help a lot with practicing your Spanish. If you are interested, please contact me. Greetings."
学習言語 :  英語, スペイン語
Hello, my name is Célio I live in Brazil and speak Portuguese. I work with psychology. I like to meet people from different cultures. I want to practice languages and make friends along the way. Let's go!?